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let there be stripes.....

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Stripeytown is HERE...its for our little group of Manchester peeps, their friends, and other interested parties who have a penchant for the darker side of life
whats your whimsy for the week ? keep everyone posted with reminders for ALL FM /Lash/Gigs/birthdays/nights out/ etc etc...and any good music/films/thrills/spills and bellyaches
...spread the word and come and join
stripes are for life, not just for christmas
1977, all fm, anime, art, audiobullys, audrey hepburn, beatles, beetlejuice, betty page, big boots, bill bailey, black books, black eyeliner, bridgette bardot, buffy, burlesque, buzzcocks, cats, christmas, cigarettes, city life, city of lost children, club lash, coen brothers, coffee, coop, corsets, dave spikey, david bowie, dennis the menace, detroit cobras, diet coke, dita von teese, dogma, dr seuss, eddie izzard, edward gorey, electroclash, emily the strange, fab cafe, fairy lights, fetish, fine french kitty, fishnets, freezepop, fuzztones, glitter, gloves, goldblade, goldfrapp, goth, green eyes, halloween, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, homestarrunner, j-pop, jackie o, japan, joe strummer, johnny depp, junko mizuno, kevin smith, kid voodoo, killer pussy, knitting, long nails, louise brooks, manga, mark ryden, masks, miffy, new york dolls, northern soul, peaches, penelope pistoff, peter kay, phoenix nights, photos, pin ups, pinstripe, pirates, puffy ami yumi, punk, pvc, ramones, red dwarf, red lipstick, retro bar, rock n roll, route 66, rubber, ruby gloom, safety pins, salisbury ale house, sdl, sex pistols, shag, shiney things, shonen knife, sin city, siouxsie, skull and crossbones, sleep, snow, snuff, spaced, speed, spikes, spirited away, star trek, star wars, stereo total, stockings, stranglers, stripey things, stripey tights, stripeytown, suede, ten pole tudor, the breakfast club, the clash, the cramps, the damned, the faint, the fuzz club, the hives, the jam, the moomins, the normal, the office, the yeah yeah yeahs, tiger lounge, tim burton, totoro, trash and vaudeville, tsuji giri, tuna, tvod, vampires, vodka, voodoo, wicker man festival, wire, writing, zombina and the skeletones